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Suzanne Alexander (Straws)

Jim Alm

Leon Beaulieu

Eddie Blackshear

Bill Borden

Sandra Brown (Conrad)

Christine Carlon (Jenson)

Robert Clark

Judy Crawshaw (Thomas)

Robert Currin

Don Dunlap

Margie Dunlap (Henderson)

Sally Dunn (Cronutt)

Leslie Ellingson (Merritt)

Bruce Evers

Bill Giskaas

Chuck Grant

Judy Haines (Hatch)

Susan Harrison (Miller)

Judy Helphrey (Eastman)

Hiram (Joe) Houton

Dick Jenson

Gary Joanis

Gordon Lee

Jeannie Lisenbury (Windslow)

Nancy Loomis (Conrad)

Dean Matson

Donna Mayfield (Johnston)

Nada Melsness (Lawrence)

Robert Meyers

Denny Mockler

Craig Nielson

Rick Olson

John Olson

Joy Paxton (Garrick)

Carol Ann Rupp (Nelson)

Dick Redmond

Zola Rhodes (Parker)

Burt Roberts

Bill Ross

Karen Ruud (DeBunce)

Janet Shumway

Wanda Sholes (Lucas)

Tom Tadevic

Richard Tapken

Jennifer Van Landuyt (Cox)

Bill Wheeler

Barbara Winslow (Grover)

Valbert Workman

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 MEMORY: When I was at Bend High I lived with my brother Claude and his family in Blakely Heights south of Bend.  They knew the Workmans who lived just down a hill from us, and I met Val then.  His parents were very nice to me, and always invited me to watch late TV movies on weekends.  His mom cooked us dinner, and we began watching TV and movies until the wee hours of the mornings.  Val was always very friendly with me, and I'll always remember him!  David Vandevert, Class of 1960

Bill and I shared a lot of classrooms together through our school years, and were friends outside school as well.  He was always an excellent math and science student, but he didn't excel in the language arts.  Bill had a distinguished career, and worked for NASA as a Mathmatician, guiding the rockets to outer space.  He told me a funny story not long before he died that I'll share.  When he was in the first grade his struggle with reading was tough enough that he went to summer school.  He stated that summer school was a grade one through twelve session, students got help in the area where they needed work.  Bill perceived words like "Cowboy" as "Boycow".  A girl who sat near him was having trouble with algebra.  Bill told me that at the end of summer school, cowboy was still boycow, but he learned how to do algebra!  He was a brilliant and kind man, and I miss him.  Bruce Evers
MEMORY:  Great smile and quite competitive.  He had the world by the tail.  Gary struck me out playing softball - gave me a long face - I was thinking I was really good.  Ha.  That was my first year in Bend.  Senior year, Gary and I were the last two in the gym - for leg wrestling - and he did it again!  Great guy.  Here's to Gary.  Jack Warner
REMEMBERING:: Sandy Brown (Conrad)
MEMORY: Sandy had the greatest laugh, and she applied it often!  She was always ready for a good time with Brenda Rixe and me.  I always thought she was a very lovely looking person who dressed impecably at all times (well, almost all).  She was a good listener, too.  I'm sorry we didn't get to see one another as adults; I'd have loved to hear her laugh just once more.  Anne Crenshaw (Morin)
REMEMBERING:: Karen Ruud (DeBunce)
MEMORY: Here's to my good friend.  Gone but not forgotten!  Vicki Hill (Malone)
REMEMBERING:: So many of the departed
MEMORY: I will come back to this soon as there are so many that I have wonderful memories of; Eddie Blackshear even became a brother-in-law for awhile;Billie Borden & I were always very close all thru his life;Sandi Brown was my best friend all thru high school. Other special friends were Don Dunlap, Sally Dunn, Judy Haines, Leslie Ellingson, Judy Helphrey, Donna Mayfield, & all of the rest were dear friends as we were a small class & I really cared for everyone.
Brenda Rixe (Chapin)

"O" Donny Boy!  Easy to like, had a way of making you feel like you were his friend for a long time even if you'd just met him.  He liked his cigarettes.  Here's to Don.  Jack Warner
REMEMBERING:: The rest of the list
MEMORY: Gosh! I didn't look thru the rest of the list but I bet I could make a remark on just about  everyone on the list & I will try! Brenda Rixe (Chapin)
MEMORY: I met Judy at Cove, a summer church camp that my dad led.  She was my first friend in Oregon; she and her family were always very, very kind to me.  I always remember Mrs. Helphrey, who was my daughter's godmother, during Rose Festival because she'd been a Rose Princess and used to tell us all about that important event in her life.  Judy was full of energy and loved adventure.  She was a pretty good tumbler, I think; I was always in awe of that.  She and her family took me horseback riding and to many of the scenic sites around Bend.  Judy loved country music and knew all the words to just about any Hank Williams song you could think of!  We argued like sisters but, like siblings in all families, forgot and forgave.  Judy, in some ways, was ahead of her time; she found it easy to befriend folks who might not always have been accepted by others because of their race or creed.  She was a complex person who struggled to deal with her "reputation" in the small town of Bend.  She had a great, generous heart and would give you the shirt off her back if you asked.   Judy will always have a place in my heart.  Anne Crenshaw (Morin) 
MEMORY: I have two distinct memories of Bill I will share.  The first was when we were playing basketball at Kenwood, and Bill fell and broke his arm.  I was picked to hold his arm steady while coach drove us to the doctor's office.  It was a bad fracture, but Bill "toughed" it out bravely.

The last time I saw Bill was on a trip to Oregon, I think in the 70's sometime.  We stopped to see my cousin, Tim Healy, and ended up going water skiing with him and with Bill.  Bill had the boat!  We spent a superb day together, and had as much fun as I can ever remember on a day trip to the lake.  So, my last memory of Billie was all about a lot of laughter and good times!  David Yarnes (moved to Albuquerque in '56)
REMEMBERING::  Valbert Workman
I liked Val from the time I met him.  A great and easy-going kid.  He helped me in school:  attitude - he helped me to look at it in a different way - to help, not hinder.  Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only a true friend will leave footprints in your heart.  Here's to Val.  Jack Warner

REMEMBERING:: Jennifer Van Landuyt (Cox)
MEMORY: Jennifer was a sweet, gentle person with a droll sense of humor and a bright spirit.  She was a good friend to me.  Anne Crenshaw (Morin)

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